The perks of working whilst being a mum(not that I get that pleasure)

  • You can have YOUR lunch without it being pinched or getting the starey eyes from a tiny human.
  • Again- eating any form of food without your child deciding they are starving although they’ve been perfectly fine until your food has arrived(food may I add that they don’t actually like)
  • Drinking a cup of tea whilst hot… can you imagine?
  • Nice clothes, nice makeup, washed hair not dry shampooed.
  • Not having to sing, dance or throw said child in the air to avoid said Childs completely out of the blue meltdown
  • You don’t have to take somebody else to the loo
  • Gossip… gossip about anyone other than Donald Duck 
  • No gooey Cooey baby voice
  • The feeling you get when you’ve not been with your child and you get a heartwarming feeling 

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